Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Association

Together with a number of air enthusiasts, historians and supporters of my research, I see a great challenge in the processing of historical facts as well as the archiving and retrieval of images relating to reconnaissance of the German Luftwaffe during World War II.

This exciting and hitherto neglected topic is splitted into several sub-categories:

Flight maps

The crews of the German Luftwaffe made use of a variety of different maps, flying maps, target maps and navigational aids for their missions.

Reconnaissance photos

Large format aerial photographs of highest quality are the basis for drawing up the information about the enemy and his likely next steps. 

Intelligence material

For offensive operations a number of target documents was created by the General staff of the German Wehrmacht. Front dossiers, geographical studies, "Top Secret" files, target maps are only a part of the complex processing of information about the enemy within Luftwaffe High Command.

Target files

Strategically important targets were recorded by the Luftwaffe High Command in a target file system. For each target a specific master file, containing detailed target information, overview map and aerial view was created and made available to the crews for preparation of their missions.


Original photographs of airplanes and soldiers of the Luftwaffe and Airforces of all fighting nations in World War II are the essential basis for the design of our publications to combine historical facts with contemporary artwork for our interested readers.